Golden Class Movies 3x Packaging Solution;

Have you ordered VHS before? You may have seen first hand, or heard of bad packaging solutions. Tapes arriving damaged, cracked due to thin packaging or even worse in ripped open cheap envelopes is commonplace.

Golden Class Movies packaging totally addresses these issues for VHS and makes certain tapes will arrive in their very best condition.

Here’s how the packaging works


1/. The cassette has a silicon gel sachet added to it. The gel pack is added inside the case, it helps control and moisture that may come from changing temperatures in transit and while you store it yourself


2/. The Cassette and Dust Case is placed inside a 2 layer fitted cardboard box. This is folded at the top in a diamond formation which protects the edges of the cases really well.


3/. Protective box is placed inside a large envelope with bubble wrap cushioning. This further protect the edges of the case and cassette itself making it more shock resistant even against major falls. 


4/. The enveloped package is placed in a waterproof shell. This outer layer is sealed tightly containing your cassette protecting it further from any possible water damage or ripping. It’s super strong.

We have never received a single complaint of chipped edges with this packaging solution, this common problem is totally solved with our triple layer method.

Please take care whilst opening your video package. The inner Envelope is not sealed and if opened carefully with scissors at the very edges, this envelope can be reused as it is brand new, with no markings.

All None VHS Items Packaging;

We have many items available in our online store, from clothing to wallets and action figures to Movie Prop Replicas.

As such we use third party suppliers from all over the world. We will seek to find the best suppliers always, and often can promise strong protective packaging. We do our best to source suppliers that also offer this Golden Class level of packaging, so that you receive your items in the best possible condition.