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About Us

What Golden Class Movies Does?

Golden Class Movies provides vintage vhs, ships out items in premium protected packaging and aims to provide the best possible customer service. Too many vhs shop vendors send out items poorly wrapped for transit, that arrive damaged. We want to put that right and make sure you always receive your item in the exact same condition that you see it photographed. For the past two years we have been selling VHS on Ebay and Amazon, and have sent out over 2000 tapes.


What Golden Class Movies Wants To Do?

The longer term goal of Golden Class Movies is to create a museum (of sorts) come coffee shop (two places would be even better). I'd like the place to have an educational theme and a huge projector screen, so that patrons could become enthused in film whilst sipping tea and eating cake. The place will also be a space to hold workshops and weekly classes. I'm keen to hold space for martial arts classes (& discussions) and other mind/body disciplines.
Personally i'd like to be involved with film, and although at present cant picture my placement in film work, i'm confident one day i'll find a way in it. They say if you want to be a great writer you should read everything. At times I feel that same rule of thumb may apply to film.


Why Golden Class Movies Started?

Golden Class Movies Video Shop started out of pure necessity, after finding myself in a situation many get into after a night of harmless fun. That situation that paves the way for a very new and different perspective, unlike any other enjoyed before. A situation that needs no more than a one word introduction, Pregnant.
I'd envisaged a time with my first little one where it would be possible to be around the home and able to experience quality time every day. Back then the ideal picture began to look very much like life does today. Working with physical products that are as sure as bricks and mortar, while working from home.



Thank-you for coming to visit the site. It is currently a work in progress and is changing and being updated regularly. If you are a Tapehead, or just love films, save me to your favourites and keep popping back to check in. All the best to you and yours. Hope to see you soon.


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