Yes you may receive a bonus in your order. Here are some examples based on past freebies;

  • Small movie poster
  • Large movie poster
  • Movie postcards (often vintage)
  • Movie Munchies e.g. Lollipops, Popcorn...
  • Bonus movies in a rental slip case
  • VHS Enamel Pin
  • Free brand new sealed movie

The bonuses really depend on the order. They tend to be added when three or more tapes are ordered in one checkout.

So whether you are looking for Kids tapes, Adults Horror tapes or Comedy tapes, get browsing and adding to your cart. You will likely find some freebies in your order.

Also please remember these tapes make great retro gifts for a loved one. So if there is a Birthday coming up you can always search a Golden Oldie favourite and give it as a retro gift. The Actors list is a great place to browse for gift ideas. Everyone has a favourite classic film & actor. Why not click here and have a browse.