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Children's Titles

For children's vhs, click here. View all the memorable favourites, as well as more obscure children's choices. Time endured classics as well as one off gems. 
Children's VHS
Our collection varies and include many children's VHS videos, Spanning well over 5 decades, dig back into the vaults of time.

Hollywood's A-Listers 

We have Approx 50 Golden Class Actors for you to zero in on. There are many Hollywood favourites from the Pre-2005 era of film-making.
A fantastic shortcut to your, or a loved one's favourite actor/actress. Best on offer. Rogues' Gallery Of Hollywood's Best

Comedy Genre Breakdown

Old School Comedy is making a come-back, if not it should be. Many Comedy titles are worthy of a replay.   
Here at Golden Class Movies we want to give you a browse like no other VHS website. Click this link for the 20 Sub-Sections of Comedy. 

The 24 Collections Of Horror

Horror as a genre is a broad topic, one best split into factions. Keeping werewolves separate from vampires, and the slashers away from the haunted house.   
Horror VHS
Horror? Click this link to see how we have boiled it down, and carved it up, into 24 basic areas.