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Tots Tv : Super Tiny & Other Stories - Carlton Home Entertainment - 3007401293 - Children - Pal - VHS

Tots Tv : Super Tiny & Other Stories - Carlton Home Entertainment - 3007401293 - Children - Pal - VHS

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Tots Tv : Super Tiny & Other Stories - Carlton Home Entertainment - 3007401293 - Children - Pal - VHS

In the middle of a wood, where nobody thinks of looking is a magic house. This is where Tilly, Tom and Tiny live with their friend Donkey. (Furryboo lives there too, but that's a secret). Tots TV keeps children involved, interested and entertained. The Tots have all sorts of adventures in the real world, and then explore what they have learned through play-back at their own secret house. With plenty of action, humour and a French speaking character, Tots TV mixes learning with music, magic and fun. Join in the fun with Tilly, Tom, Tiny, Donkey and of course, Furryboo, as they play at make believe. Tots TV is a double BAFTA AWARD WINNER for the UK's best pre-school programme


SUPER TINY : There are problems for Tilly and Tom when Tiny decides to become 'Super Tiny and does everything extra super fast<><>

LAUNDERETTE : The Tots visit a launderette and decide to wash Tiny's favourite cardigan with surprising results.

TINY'S STORY BOOK : When the Tots visit a castle Tom decides to be king. Tilly Tiny tells the Tots a story about a red dress that turns in to finds a unique way of rescuing Tiny when he is put in the dungeon.

NAUGHTY MYSTERY PERSON : Tom and Tiny search for clues to discover who is behind the mysterious happenings at the Tots' house. some red flowers.

IGUANA : The Tots learn all about iguanas who have spotty patterns on their skin so that when they sit very still they are very difficult to see.

Running time: 45 MINS APPROX

*Suitable only for Children

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