Shipping Policy

Shipping Information

  • Standard Shipping: Typically, items will arrive within 10-15 working days after you've placed your order.

  • Free Worldwide Shipping: For orders with a total value of £100.00 or more in your basket, you'll benefit from free worldwide shipping.

  • Shipping Times: Please allow between 15-45 days for your order to arrive. If more than 45 days have passed, please get in touch with us for order status inquiries. You can email us at or reach out via phone, text, or WhatsApp at +447784876998. Refunds will be processed through email if necessary.

  • Order Processing: Golden Class Movies Ltd processes orders on a daily basis.

  • Multiple Shipping Locations: Orders are shipped from various locations around the world, as we have different dispatch points and shipping solutions in place.

  • Delivery Variability: The 15-45 day delivery window accounts for various possible events, and you might receive your order sooner.

  • U.K. Buyers: Rest assured, U.K. buyers can confidently add items to their carts. Changes resulting from Brexit now enable the inclusion of all tax and import duty in the displayed prices. Orders below £135 are exempt from cross-border fees. Tax is incorporated into the price, as VAT is now collected online at the time of transaction, eliminating the need for customs processing.

  • VHS Video Orders:

    • U.K. Orders: For VHS video orders in the U.K., fulfillment may be expedited thanks to the use of new storage and postage services. You can now bundle up to 6 VHS tapes for the same low-price postage. This offer is available for recently added stock. Simply add the items to your basket, and accurate postage calculations will be provided during checkout.

    • Ireland and the Rest of Europe: Customers in Ireland and the rest of Europe can enjoy reasonable postage rates for most VHS products available in our store. To determine the shipping cost, add products to your basket and calculate the shipping during checkout.

  • Delivery Timeframes: The provided timescales are our best estimates based on courier terms. Please be aware that they may be subject to variation due to holiday seasons and circumstances beyond the control of Golden Class Movies Ltd.