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Love's Savage Fury - Jennifer O'Neill - Video Space Ltd. - Large Box - PAL - VHS

Love's Savage Fury - Jennifer O'Neill - Video Space Ltd. - Large Box - PAL - VHS

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Love's Savage Fury - Jennifer O'Neill - Video Space Ltd. - Large Box - PAL - VHS

The year is 1861 and the Confederate States are preparing their forces to battle the Union Armies. To honor the many young men who have enlisted, local plantation owner, Lyle Taggert Sr., along with his son and daughter, Laurel, throw a lavish party at the Taggart mansion. ...By 1865 the Confederates make a last attempt to save themselves - pinning all hopes on a large gold shipment needed to purchase supplies and ammunition. The supply platoon, threatened by Yankees, hides the gold in the nearby Taggert mansion. In search of the gold a Yankee platoon murders Taggert, takes Laurel as a prisoner and burns the mansion to the ground. In the harsh environment of a Union prison camp, Laurel, callous to war and death, becomes emotionally involved with Zack, a Confederate condemned to death. Holding fast to her persistent hope of saving the South, Laurel escapes with Zack and takes him to the burnt shell of the Taggert mansion. When the gold is found amid the rubble and ashes, Zack's compassion for Laurel won't allow him to continue his charade. He reveals his true identity...

Running time: 97 MINS APPROX

*Parental Guidance

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