Collection: SuperTed


"Join the adventures of 'SuperTed' on VHS and be transported to a world of fun and adventure. This classic cartoon, which first aired in the 1980s, follows the story of a teddy bear who is brought to life by a magic star and given superpowers to help him fight crime.

But 'SuperTed' is more than just a superhero – he's a lovable character with a strong sense of morality and a heart of gold. With episodes like 'SuperTed and the Stolen Rocket' and 'SuperTed and the Rascal', 'SuperTed' teaches valuable lessons about friendship, honesty, and doing the right thing.

SuperTed on it's originally intended media, VHS.

Not only is 'SuperTed' a delight to watch, but the unique and colourful artwork of the show has stood the test of time and make a super cool keepsake and/or gift. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of nostalgia and share the adventures of 'SuperTed' with your loved ones. Get your hands on 'SuperTed' VHS, available now!"