Collection: Garfield The Cat VHS

"Are you ready to be entertained by the world's grumpiest cat? Look no further than our collection of Garfield VHS tapes.

With over 200 episodes to choose from, you'll get your fill of sarcastic quips, disdain for Mondays, and a healthy serving of lasagna. As creator Jim Davis puts it, "Garfield is not the hero. He's the everyman."

But don't let the nihilistic exterior fool you - these tapes are also heartwarming, with Davis saying, "I think there's a little bit of Garfield in all of us."

So, curl up on the couch and enjoy some classic Garfield with your loved ones. Just don't expect any warm and fuzzy feelings - this cat is all about the sardonic wit. And act fast - these tapes are in high demand and won't be around for long. Happy viewing!"