Collection: Fun Song Factory

Fun Song Factory

Welcome, dear fans of Fun Song Factory! Golden Class Movies is thrilled to present our collection of Fun Song Factory VHS tapes, featuring the beloved host Dave Benson Phillips.

As Dave Benson Phillips said, "Songs and rhymes are like magic for the mind. They help to adjust our thoughts and actions in positive ways, and provide a foundation for personal and development." And this couldn't be more true of Fun Song Factory, a program that is both real and magical.

Fun Song Factory Aston based Kids Programme is designed to educate and entertain, with its catchy action songs and rhymes. As child psychologists have noted, this program is a valuable tool for cognitive and behavioural adjustments, and helps to foster a sense of personal and interpersonal skills.

Fun Song Factory Original Vintage Physical Media

Don't miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of Fun Song Factory magic - grab one of these rare VHS tapes while you still can. They are sure to bring joy to any fan of the show, and we at Golden Class Movies are grateful for your interest in these classic tapes. Thank you for considering them.