Collection: Babar VHS

Greetings, dear customer! Allow me to introduce you to "Babar," the beloved children's show that has been delighting young viewers for decades.

Featuring the adventures of a regal elephant named Babar and his lovable friends, this show is a true classic. With its charming characters, catchy tunes, and positive messages, it's no wonder that "Babar" has stood the test of time.

As the creator of "Babar," Jean de Brunhoff, has said, "I wanted to create a world that young children could relate to and feel comfortable in. With 'Babar,' I hope to help kids learn and grow while they have fun." And that's exactly what this show does - it provides a safe and enjoyable learning environment for young children.

But don't wait too long to add this VHS to your collection - "Babar" is a highly sought-after and rare item, and it's sure to go fast. So grab your "Babar" VHS today and join Babar on his adventures through the magical land of Celesteville!