Jason Statham Movies

Jason Statham Movies

Jason Statham Movies

Jason Statham Movies always have a certain charm, he is a British actor and former competitive diver who has become renowned for his action-packed roles in Hollywood. With his rugged charm, intense physicality, and impressive martial arts skills, Statham has solidified himself as a leading figure in the action film genre.

From his breakthrough in "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" to iconic franchises like "The Transporter" and "Fast & Furious," he continues to captivate audiences worldwide with his dynamic performances and daring stunts. Whether he's delivering knockout fight scenes or pushing the limits of his physical abilities, Jason Statham remains a force to be reckoned with on the big screen.

Here are 10 of the craziest things you probably never knew about Jason Statham:

  1. Diving Champion: Before he became a Hollywood action star, Statham was an accomplished diver and even competed for the British National Diving Squad at the World Championships in 1992.

  2. Street Seller Turned Model: Statham started his career as a street seller, peddling fake jewelry and perfume on the streets of London. Later on, he got discovered by a talent agent and embarked on a successful modeling career.

  3. Worked with Guy Ritchie: Jason's big break came when he got cast by director Guy Ritchie in the iconic film "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels." This marked the beginning of a fruitful collaboration between the two.

  4. Stuntman Skills: Not just an actor, Statham is well-known for performing most of his stunts in films. His background in diving and martial arts has undoubtedly contributed to his incredible stunt abilities.

  5. Trained in Martial Arts: Jason Statham is a skilled martial artist and has trained in various disciplines, including kung fu, karate, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

  6. Olympic Connection: Statham's father, Barry Statham, was an Olympic diver who represented Great Britain in the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

  7. Competitive Diver to the Big Screen: It's fascinating to note that Statham's background as a competitive diver played a significant role in landing him the role of Frank Martin in "The Transporter" series, as his diving skills were used for the underwater scenes.

  8. Real-life Tough Guy: Statham's tough guy persona extends off-screen as well. In 2007, he confronted a gang of street thieves attempting to steal his friend's car. The actor single-handedly took on the three attackers, knocking them down and detaining them until the police arrived.

  9. Competitive Swimmer: In addition to being a diver, Statham was also a competitive swimmer during his younger days.

  10. Music Video Appearance: Statham made a cameo appearance in the music video for the popular song "Dreams" by English band, The Cranberries.

Onscreen and Offscreen Jason is known for his amiable antics.

  1. Prankster Extraordinaire: Jason Statham is known to have a great sense of humor and loves to pull pranks on his co-stars. On the set of one of his films, he once rigged up a bucket of water above a door, just like in the classic prank, and soaked one of his unsuspecting colleagues as they entered the room.

  2. Impromptu Fight Scene: During the filming of an action sequence, Jason got a bit too carried away and accidentally knocked out one of the stuntmen with a punch. While everyone on set was concerned, luckily, the stuntman was okay and took it like a champ.

  3. On-Set Fitness Frenzy: Statham is known for his intense workout routines, and sometimes, he would challenge his fellow cast and crew members to impromptu push-up or pull-up competitions between takes, turning the set into a mini gym.

  4. Surprise Dance-Off: During downtime on the set, Statham surprised everyone by starting an impromptu dance-off with some crew members. His unexpected dance moves left everyone in stitches and lightened the mood.

  5. Food Fights and Pranks: Jason has been involved in some food fights and light-hearted pranks during lunch breaks on set, keeping the atmosphere fun and relaxed.

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